To compliment Broadbent Stanley’s range of Manual and CNC flat bed lathes, we have introduced a range of Slant Bed Lathes. These are to Service Industries with the requirement for a more heavy duty machine but with cost in mind, the SA and SB models fit the bill and offer bigger capacities over the SS range.

SA & SB Series

Broadbent Stanley’s slant bed CNC lathes are designed primarily for heavy duty turning operations with dramatic productivity. Our wide range of slant bed CNC lathes give you a flexible choice.

Capacity SA40 SA45 SB50 SB55
Swing over bed 940mm 1010mm 1095mm 1180mm
Swing over cross-slide 870mm 940mm 1025mm 1110mm
Distance between centres 700-5200mm 700-5200mm 700-5200mm 700-5200mm
Bed width 1580mm 1580mm 1730mm 1730mm
Headstock – Spindle nose A2-11-A2-32 A2-11-A2-32 A2-15-A2-40 A2-15-A2-40
Headstock – Spindle bore 6″ – 24″ 6″ – 24″ 9″ – 30″ 9″ – 30″

SS Series

The SS model is a smaller version, specifically designed to fit into a 40ft container, saving a considerable cost on shipping.

Capacity SS31 SS35
Swing over bed 750mm 850mm
Swing over cross-slide 670mm 770mm
Distance between centres 700-5200mm 700-5200mm
Bed width 1145mm 1145mm
Headstock – Spindle nose A2-11-A2-28 A2-11-A2-28
Headstock – Spindle bore 6″-18″ 6″-18″