At Broadbent Stanley, we provide a wide range of manual and semi-automatic lathes. Whether your requirement is a tool room application, hollow spindle, long bed or both, the Broadbent Stanley team will be able to help. We also appreciate that not everyone wants to turn the same components and we can offer adjustments to existing machine specifications to meet your needs.

BS Series

The BS Series of lathes is the result of many years continuous development in both build quality and specification, with many hundreds of machines sold. They are available in many ranges from BS430 to BS1060 (upon request) with swing capacities ranging from 430-1060mm and from 1500-8310mm between centres.

Capacity BS430/480 BS560 BS660 BS760
Swing over bed 430mm 560mm 660mm 760mm
Swing over cross-slide 242mm 339mm 445mm 540mm
Distance between centres 760-2000mmm 760-2000mmm 1000-3000mm 1000-3000mm
Bed width 300mm 300mm 400mm 400mm
Headstock – Spindle nose ASA A1-6 / A1-8 ASA A1-8 ASA A1-8 ASA A1-8
Headstock – Spindle bore 58-78 82-115 82-115 120
Capacity BS860 BS960 BS1060
Swing over bed 860mm 960mm 1060mm
Swing over cross-slide 620mm 720mm 820mm
Distance between centres 1810-8310mm 1810-8310mm 1810-8310mm
Bed width 510mm 510mm 510mm
Headstock – Spindle nose D1-11 / A2-11 D1-11 / A2-11 D1-11 / A2-11
Headstock – Spindle bore 153-230mm 153-230mm 153-230mm

PA Series

The PA series of Heavy Duty Lathes is perhaps Broadbent Stanley’s best known range of turning machines, appealing to the oil and gas sectors, rail, ship building, mining and power generation. With a robust construction, large spindle bore options and a range of bed lengths; it has almost become the industry standard.

Capacity PA35 PA40 PA45 PA50
Swing over bed 880mm 1010mm 1135mm 1275mm
Swing over cross-slide 615mm 745mm 875mm 1015mm
Distance between centres 1500-12000mm 1500-12000mm 1500-12000mm 1500-12000mm
Bed width 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Headstock – Spindle nose A2-11-A2-32 A2-11-A2-32 A2-11-A2-32 A2-11-A2-32
Headstock – Spindle bore 6″~14″ 6″~14″ 6″~18″ 6″~22″

PB Series

If your need is for a larger, heavy duty lathe, then perhaps the PB series is one to consider for both it’s capacity and ruggedness.

Capacity PB45 PB50 PB60
Swing over bed 1165mm 1280mm 1530mm
Swing over cross-slide 840mm 950mm 1210mm
Distance between centres 1500-12000mm 1500-12000mm 1500-12000mm
Bed width 715mm 715mm 715mm
Headstock – Spindle nose A2-11-A2-40 A2-11-A2-40 A2-11-A2-40
Headstock – Spindle bore 6″~18″ 6″~24″ 7″~30″

PC / PH / PKA Series

We have a range of larger capacity and heavy duty lathes available upon request.

The PC series is a heavy duty turning machine that appeals to the power generation, rail and mining industries offering a performance second to none. With ‘swings’ up to 2050mm and bed lengths to 12,000mm these rugged machines can be supplied with spindle motors up to 75 HP.

The PH series is a heavier, more robust option to the PC series, with a four shear bed for even greater rigidity. This series of four models offers the ultimate in conventional lathe metal removal. Built to the same exacting standards, this heavyweight machine is available with spindle power up to a massive 100 HP.

The ultimate in heavy turning machine, the PKA series is the largest lathe offered by Broadbent Stanley, aimed at power generation and ship building industries. It is a one piece, four shear bed with up to 12,000mm between centres and a maximum 200 HP to the spindle motor.