The BS range of High Speed Precision Lathes offer high productivity, accuracy and efficiency whilst being a low cost manual lathe. This competitive range of lathes is the result of many years of continuous development in both build quality and specification, with many hundreds of machines sold. They are available in many different swing capacities ranging from 430 – 760mm and from 1500 – 4000mm between centres.


Capacity BS 430 / BS 480 BS 560 BS 660 BS 760 BS 860 BS 960 BS 1060
Swing Over Bed430 / 480mm560mm660mm760mm860mm960mm1060mm
Swing Over Cross Slide242mm339mm445mm540mm620mm720mm820mm
Centre Distance762-1525 (BS430) / 762-2035 (BS4801018-4050mm1018-3002000-43001810-83101810-83101810-8310
Swing Over Gap650mm792mm892mm990mm1200mm1300mm1400mm
Bed Width300mm300mm400mm400mm475mm475mm475mm
Headstock NoseD1-8D1-8D1-11D1-11A2-11 Option A2-15D1-11 Option A1-15D1-11 Option A1-15
Spindle Bore58mm (78mm option)82mm (115mm option)82mm (115mm option)120mm153mm Option 230mm153mm Option 230mm153mm Option 230mm
Spindle Speeds20-200015-150015-150 or 10-110010-1100RPM (12 changes)6-500RPM8-700RPM / 6-500 RPM8-700RPM / 6-500RPM
Main drive motor3.7kW/5.5Hp (BS430) / 5.kW/7.5Hp (BS480)5.5kW (7.5Hp) Various other options, please ask7.5kW (10Hp / 11kW (15Hp option)11Kw (15Hp)15Kw (20Hp) / 22kW (30Hp Option)15kW (20Hp) 22kW (30Hp) Option15kW (20Hp) 22kW (30Hp) Option
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The PA Series of Heavy Duty Lathes is perhaps Broadbent Stanley’s best known range of turning machines appealing to the Rail, Ship Building, Mining, Power Generation and in particular Oil and Gas Industries. With a robust construction, large spindle bore options and a range of bed lengths; it has almost become the Industry Standard. Using the Semi-Automatic Threading and Turning System improves the machining of threads by over 60%.

The lathes deliver extremely powerful cutting capability and maximum rigidity. It gives high precision machining performance and is easy to operate.


Capacity PA-35 PA-40 PA-45 PA-50
Swing Over Bed35'' / 880mm40'' / 1010mm45'' / 1135mm50'' / 1275mm
Swing Over Cross Slide24'' / 610mm29'' / 740mm35'' / 870mm40'' / 1010mm
Distance Between Centres60-800'' / 1500-20000mm60-800'' / 1500-20000mm60/800'' / 1500-20000mm60-800'' / 1500-20000mm
Swing Over Gap52'' / 1340mm57'' / 1470mm63'' / 1600mm68'' / 1740mm
Bed Width22'' / 560mm22'' / 560mm22'' / 560mm22'' / 560mm
Headstock NoseA2-11 - A2-20A2-11 - A2-20A2-11 - A2-28A2-11 - A2-28 (Option of Special)
Spindle Bore6-12'' / 153-318mm6-14'' / 153-360mm6-16'' / 153-410mm6-21'' / 153-510mm
Spindle Speeds6-800RPM4-500RPM3-400RPM3-400RPM
Main Drive Motor30kW (40Hp)30kW (40Hp)30kW (40Hp)30kW (40Hp)
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This quality designed and engineered heavy duty lathe delivers extremely powerful cutting capability and maximum rigidity. It is ideal for a wide variety of machining applications for various industries, such as Power Generation, Rail and Ship Building and in particular, Oil and Gas. It gives high precision machining performance coupled with easy operation.

If your need is for a larger heavy duty lathe, then perhaps the PB Series is one to consider for both its capacity and ruggedness. Offering ‘swings’ from 1165 – 1790mm, spindle bores ranging from 153 – 762mm and bed lengths from 1500 – 12000mm.


Capacity PB-50 PB-60 PB-70
Swing Over Bed50'' / 1275mm60'' / 1527mm70'' / 1790mm
Swing Over Cross Slide37'' / 950mm47'' / 1201mm57'' / 1460mm
Distance between Centres60-800'' / 1500-20000mmAs PB-50As PB-50
Swing Over Gap70'' / 1700mm80'' / 2040mm90'' / 2300mm
Bed Width29'' / 715mmAs PB-50As PB-50
Headstock NoseA2-11 - A2-28As PB-50As PB-50
Spindle Bore6''-21'' / 153-510mm6-25'' / 153-635mm6-35'' / 153-890mm
Spindle Speeds5-630RPM3-400RPM3-400RPM
Main Drive Motor30kW (40Hp) Option 37kW (50Hp)As PB-50As PB-50

One of our larger capacity ranges, this heavy duty turning machine series appeals to all in the power generation, rail and mining industries offering a performance second to none. With ‘swings’ up to 2050mm and bed lengths to 12,000mm these rugged machines can be supplied with spindle motors up to 65kW.


Capacity PC 60 PC 70 PC 80
Swing Over Bed60'' / 1530mm71'' / 1805mm80'' / 2050mm
Swing Over Cross Slide47'' / 1210mm53'' / 1305mm63'' / 1600mm
Distance Between Centres60-480'' / 1500-12000mmAs PC 60As PC 60
Swing Over Gap78'' / 1980mm93'' / 2370mm103'' / 2620mm
Bed Width36'' / 920mmAs PC 60As PC 60
Headstock NoseA2-15 - A2-32As PC 60As PC 60
Spindle Bore9'' / 230mm - 35'' / 890mmAs PC 60As PC 60 or Special
Spindle Speeds3-400RPMAs PC 60As PC 60
Main Drive Motor29kW (40Hp) 37kW (50Hp) OptionAs PC 60As PC 60

A heavier, more robust option to the PC Series, with a four shear bed for even greater rigidity, this series of four models offers the ultimate in conventional lathe metal removal. Built to the same exacting standards, this heavyweight machine is available with spindle power up to a massive 74kW.


Capacity PH 50 PH 60 PH 70 PH 80
Swing Over Bed51'' / 1300mm61'' / 1550mm71'' / 1800mm80'' / 2040mm
Swing Over Cross Slide38'' / 985mm48'' / 1225mm58'' / 1470mm64'' / 1650mm
Swing Over Cross Slide31'' / 785mm40'' / 1035mm51'' / 1285mm-
Distance Between Centres120-480'' / 3000-12000mmAs PH 50As PH 50As PH 50
Bed Width43'' / 110mmAs PH 50As PH 50As PH 50
Headstock NoseA2-15 - A2-32 and SpecialAs PH 50As PH 50As PH 50
Spindle Bore9-35'' / 230-890mm and SpecialAs PH 50As PH 50As PH 50
Spindle Speeds3-400RPM3-400RPM3-250RPM3-250RPM
Main Drive Motor37kW (50Hp) Options 44-74kW (100 Hp)As PH 50As PH 50As PH 50

The ultimate in heavy duty turning machines, this is the largest lathe offered by Broadbent Stanley aimed at power generation and ship building industries. It is a one piece, four shear bed with up to 12,000mm between centres and a maximum 150kW to the spindle motor.

In addition, the PKB series has greater swing capacity.


Capacity PKA 80 PKA 90 PKA 100 PKB 100 PKB 120 PKB 140
Swing Over Bed80'' / 2050mm90'' / 2290mm100'' / 2540mm100'' / 2560mm120'' / 3060mm140''' / 3560mm
Swing Over Cross Slide (Short Carriage)67'' / 1720mm77'' / 1960mm86'' / 2200mm86'' / 2200mm106'' / 2700mm125'' / 3190mm
Swing Over Cross Slide (Long Carriage)60'' / 1525mm68'' / 1730mm78'' / 1980mm78'' / 1980mm97'' / 2480mm117'' / 2980mm
Distance Between Centres120-480'' / 3000-12000mmAs PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80
Bed Width53'' / 1350mmAs PKA 80As PKA 8066'' / 1680mmAs PKB 100As PKB 100
Headstock NoseA2-15 - A2-32 or SpecialAs PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80
Spindle Bore9-35'' / 230-890mm or SpecialAs PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80
Spindle Speeds4-400RPM4-400RPMAs PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80
Main Drive Motor44-149kW / 60-200HpAs PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80As PKA 80
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