Manual Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines

The Broadbent Stanley Table type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine has been designed and manufactured for the machining of both rough and finishing boring and milling medium to large components. Capable of heavy metal removal of both cast material and forging, along with steel fabrications and forgings.

All Broadbent Stanley’s BS range come with an integral Facing Head and multi-positioning table. Provided with the table is an optical measuring device for 90° positioning. Using this positioning facility provides increased accuracy whilst performing in-line boring, by revolving the table to 180°

Using an integral guide-way design provides extra rigidity and stability, not found on other similar machines.

For safety and stability the tool clamping system is of the disk spring clamping and hydraulic unclamping type, in case of the unlikely failure of the hydraulic system the tool is always clamped.

Using a PLC the machine uses the latest technology. The DRO, supplied as standard, uses linear scales to achieve 0.005mm.


Capacity BS6113D BS6113C-2
Spindle Diameter130130
Spindle Speed6.6-7556.6-755
Table Size1400x16001400x1600
Travel of X Axis20002000
Travel of Y Axis16001600
Travel of Z Axis20002000
Machine Weight3150035000
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