Double Column Gantry Machining Centres

Broadbent Stanleys CNC Plano Milling Machine “Gantry” type are one of the heaviest, best built bridge mills on the planet. These heavy duty machines are built to last while delivering heavy cutting, high accuracy and high speed.

Advanced Features as follows:

  • Large spindle diameter for heavy duty cutting
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders for balance
  • The largest bridge and saddle in the industry
  • The largest servo motors in the industry
  • Twin chip removal system
  • Massive one piece casting
  • Excellent ATC system
  • The largest order-made machine available


Capacity SDMC-6000 SDMC-14000 SDMC-24000 SDMC-30000 SDMC-36000
Distance between columns48002800320038003200
X Axis (Gantry axis)600014000240003000036000
Y Axis travel56003500360023004000
Z Axis travel12008007508001000
Table Dimension6000x400014000x220024000x200030000x320036000x2200
Spindle speed (rpm)40001250250012502500
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